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{e-mail发货} PhotoShop Introduction Course

{e-mail发货} PhotoShop Introduction Course

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From zero basics to advanced operation HD recording courses, nearly 200 lessons + materials + software are all packaged, no matter men, women, young or old, with or without basic skills, as long as you have a computer, you can start systematic courses!
Suitable for zero-based students + e-commerce + video cover production
The courses are divided into 5 parts: "Elementary Course", "Intermediate Course", "Advanced Course", "PS Case Course", and "PS Graphic Design Course".From basic to advanced, easy to understand, learn while practicing, the teacher will patiently answer questions, even computer novice or older students can learn independently.
Elementary Course
A total of 40 class hours
ps software interface explanation
File format and related operations
The concept of layers and related operations
pencil tool
The operation of the selection area and the use of the lasso, etc.

Intermediate course
/A total of 40 class hours
The concept and use of masks
color range
Comprehensive application of cutout tools
Cutout case operation
Detailed explanation of mixed mode

advanced course
/A total of 60 class hours
Smart Object Editing
Layer Sampling Section
System presets to automatically adjust colors
Histogram Learning

PS case tutorial
/A total of 22 class hours
15 practical cases of image processing, including post-production of portrait photography, portrait beautification, photography color correction, poster design, background design and other practical case operation courses.
PS Graphic Design Course
/ A total of 30 class hours
This part of the course mainly focuses on case analysis of e-commerce pages, main images, product beautification, poster synthesis, etc.

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