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【e-mail delivery】Basic photography

【e-mail delivery】Basic photography

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The course is taught in the form of high-definition video, and with the course material, you can learn while watching, which is easier to learn.All courses, software, plug-ins and other files can be connected to computers, TVs, mobile phones, and TVs to learn and send courses by email... No need to send express delivery - 6 hours on the day of ordering - to the mailbox within 6 hours --- If you don't understand, you can communicate by email~ Need counseling? Add tutor contact information to exchange

Table of contents

📁01. [Basic] Systematic photography knowledge (58 lessons)
📁02. [Composition] Zero-based learning composition (22 lessons)
📁03.【Portrait】Portrait photography teaching (16 lessons)
📁04. [Portrait] Interesting portrait shooting teaching (12 lessons)
📁05.【Landscape】Professional teaching of landscape photography (19 lessons)
📁06.【Architecture】Professional Teaching of Architectural Photography (10 lessons)
📁07 [Gourmet] Food photography professional teaching (22 lessons))
📁08.【Children】Professional teaching of photography for children (7 lessons)
📁09.【Still Life】Professional teaching of still life photography (13 lessons)
📁10.【Flowers】Professional teaching of flower photography (10 lessons)

Systematic courses

The courses are easy to understand, easy to understand, and can be easily digested by both male and female teachers.
The general photography theory of SLR/mirror single-lens reflex is taught by professional teachers, starting from choosing a camera, and gradually deepening the knowledge of all aspects of photography.

All-round photography knowledge, such as explanations of camera functions and terminology, lens and accessory selection, color theory, photographic composition, light selection, model pose guidance, explanations of various photography styles, etc., can easily improve photography standards.

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